Chapter Philanthropy & Service

In addition to national partners, collegiate chapters also support local causes through philanthropic fundraising and hands-on service on their campuses and in their local communities.

Our chapter philanthropy is the American Cancer Society. 

We raise money for the American Cancer Society because it is a very important organization to our sister.

One of our main philanthropy events that we organize for the American Cancer Society is Tau Challenge. It is also know as "The Battle of the Fraternities!" Each fraternity forms a team and two Taus are their coaches. The fraternities participate in sporting events from volleyball, softball, kickball, football, and more. There is a dunk tank where you can dunk a Tau! There is a pie eating contest along with our Fratman competition. Then there is our famous Pie-A-Tau, pay one dollar and you get a whipped cream pie to pie your favorite Tau! The team with the most points after all of the brackets and events are completed wins!

All of our proceeds from Tau Challenge and other events that we organize go to the American Cancer Society.​

***We also LOVE to support other fraternity and sorority philanthropies on campus, as well as participate in community service!